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Valentine’s Day 2015: the best cities and ideas for a romantic weekend

How and where can we celebrate the most romantic weekend of the year? Let’s find out the most beautiful destinations and ideas of 2015!

This year Valentine’s Day falls on Saturday: why don’t we take advantage of this coincidence for a love getaway with our partner?

Besides the classic chocolates and flowers, Italy offers several places, events and attractions that we can evaluate to organize a quick trip to spend with our Valentine.

So, what can we “give us” on the 14th of February? Let’s enjoy a day dedicated to ourselves: our love story will be enriched by new and precious moments that we will remember with joy in a few years.

Here there are the cities and the best ideas we have gathered for an unforgettable experience!


1) The “Via dell’Amore” on the Ligurian coast
In this case, this is not a city to visit but a walking of half an hour along the path of love that lies between the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola in Cinque Terre, on the Ligurian Riviera. A picturesque walk on the rocky coast overlooking the sea in which we can see a sunset of incredible colours and the sculptures into the rocks of the most famous lovers in history.

2) Rome and the “Vialetto degli Innamorati”
Rome, the “Eternal City”, is the perfect destination to declare that our love will be really “forever and ever”. We could taste a dinner in one of the local restaurants on the Tiber, exchanging our promises sitting on the steps of “Piazza di Spagna” or in front of the Trevi fountain (where we can express our greatest wish throwing a coin into the water) and, finally, we could reach stars, it is really appropriate to say that, in the “Belvedere dello Zodiaco” area, on Mario Mountain: we could enjoy a panorama of the city and walk on the legendary street called “Vialetto degli Innamorati”!

3) Venice, gondola…and more
It may sound a cliché, but Venice remains the most romantic destination in all over the world. During the Saint Valentine’s Days, the municipality organizes many events to celebrate love. Besides the classic walk through the channels and in Piazza San Marco, we could enjoy a hot chocolate in one of the most famous coffee of the lagoon, a gondola ride in the most classical traditions or impress our better half…with ice skating ! Until to the 17th of February, in fact, in Campo San Paolo has been set up a track in which we can twirl or move our first steps on the ice, having fun together, hand in hand.


4) Verona in love
“Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo?”…The event not to be missed is the appointment in Verona, famous worldwide thanks to the tragedy by Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. In Verona, Valentine’s Day is really a “serious matter”: lights in the shape of hearts along the main streets, shop windows decorated for the celebration, restaurants offering menu for a dinner in love, and finally, the event “Verona in love” that lasts almost a week. An initiative that, until now, has been repeated for years and which provides guided trips, love tour, treasure hunts and markets prepared for the occasion: to breathe really love in the air!

5) Cuddles in Spa
If we want, instead, spending a relaxing Valentine’s Day we can book a wellness program in a beauty center. Several hotels and beauty farms offer sensual packages with massages, whirlpools and saunas torque: among tanks with red petals, champagne flute, relax and background music, we can spend a day devoting only to us forgetting, for a weekend, the rest of the world.

6) Cioccolentino
At the center of Italy, in the center of the heart: this could be the reason why it was chosen Terni, in Umbria, for the Cioccolentino – Valentine’s Day… Starts here event! From the 11th to the 15th of February the city, in the St. Valentine occasion, dresses itself of love and sweetness thanks to the theme of chocolate, which is declined in sensory pathways, choco show and interactive workshops to test our skills in cooking. An unconventional way to spend Valentine’s Day but that, surely, will leave us “flavour” memories!

Wherever we decide to go this weekend in love, remind to ourselves to put in our luggage everything needed to make us beautiful at “his” eyes: a breath-taking dress, a red lipstick “to kiss”, lighting products for hair styling, a perfume that represents our personality and, finally, a pair of earrings that highlight our eyes.

Now we are ready to enjoy the Valentine’s Day with our better half!

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