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Hair communication: what do you say with your hair?

Hair is a symbol with many meanings and you can create your own to express yourself.

“In Hollywood a girl’s virtue is much less important than her hairdo.”

Have you ever heard this famous quote by Marylin Monroe? Isn’t it funny?!

In reality, it is the truth too: I mean, it is true because hair communicate to other people ourselves.

In the myth, they have symbolized strength, youth and seduction. Moreover, their colour transmit specific stereotypes; according to the common sense:

  • Blonde girls are fascinating, charming, cheerful, traveler;
  • Ginger girls are involving, crazy, changeable;
  • Brunette girls are comforting, secure, fixed, reliable, active.

Obviously, from the hair colour do not depend our personality but we can not underestimate the first impression (that depends from the common sense).

A healthy head of hair it is our “business card”: think about when you prepare yourself for a job interview, for a dating, for a party… hair are always one of the most worries.

It is not a coincidence if American women spend 18 billions a year to take care of hair: indeed, according to recent researches, hair is the third more important body part, after face and eyes. Having the right hair styling at the right moment it is a very lucky thing, moreover if you work in the star system!

Some examples?

Marylin Monroe blonde hair, Jennifer Aniston long bob, Audrey Hepburn fringe and dark hair, Raffaella Carrà iconic bob, Twiggy pixie cut, Monica Bellucci long and smooth hair, ext.

I am sure you know them very well!

All these hair-stylings need of hair on healthy so if you want to create your own style you have to take care of hair with specific beauty products (some must-have? Argan oils, no rinse leave-in, masks and delicate shampoos).

Your style depends from what you want say with your hair: if you want say “I am a charming woman” it is clear that your hair style is the long; if you want say “I am an independent woman” you can choose short hair. There are a lot of book and magazines about these topics!

Our suggestion?

We recommend you a coherence between style, cut, colour and, moreover, with your personality: transmit the best impression to others with your hair!



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