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The perfect swimsuit for each bodyshape

For each body shape exists the perfect swimsuit: find out together what is yours!

When women wear a swimsuit they usually exaggerate their physical flaws. The truth is one: we are always beautiful, with curvs or not, but if you want really know the perfect swimsuit based on your shape, read on.

4 body shape types

We usually divide woman body shape in four types: pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle. Each of these have specific features to promote or to hide to give value to the silhouette. You can read below a short description for every shape:

  1. Pear shape

It has large shoulders and sides: thighes and gluteus are very curved and the body tend to enlarge below.

  1. Apple shape

A very spherical shape with a focus on the central part of the body, with abundant abdoman, waist and breast.

  1. Hourglass shape

Well-proportioned shape with shoulders and sides of equal size and a thin waist.

  1. Rectangle shape

Typical of sporty women: no curvs, straight chest and shoulders, waist and sides of equal size.

Choose the ideal swimsuit based on own shape

Every year there are new trends and styles: patterns, flowers, stripes, block colours and a lot of swimsuits models. Very nice news and now you can choose the one perfect for you.

  • Swimsuits for pear shape

It is very important diverting attention from the law body: ok bandeau swimsuit, simple or riched in decorations, triangle bra with large straps, uniform colour panties with side bows. Ideal whole piece swimsuites too, while you have to avoid trikini and culotte because they optically enlarge sides.



  • Swimsuits for apple shape

For this body it is better focus attention on breast with balconette bra or american neck bra and high panties with drapery and vertical stripes: in this way you can hide abdomen and soar the silhouette. Little and dark patterns are ideal. Forbidden panties with side laces because they create an ugly klutz effect.



  • Swimsuits for hourglass shape

For hourglass shape is perfect the whole piece swimsuit but, also, balconette bra, american neck bra and all panties models. Pay attention to the trikini if you are a curvy woman.



  • Swimsuits for rectangle shape

Trikini is the best swimsuit for rectangle shape: indeed, this model creates curves and female lines. Good triangles bikini, bandeau swimsuit and low panties with decorations such as laces, ruches and horizonal stripes too. Forbidden high panties and balconette bra.


As you can see, you can choose your favourite swimsuit paying attention to little details: so the swimsuit will fit to you and not vice versa.

Now we are on sale time and you can purchase your dream swimsuit! And do not forget that on the beach you need a sun lotion too: you can find your ideal with Sun Argan bodycare!

Are you ready for the beach? Do you recognise your shape in one of the type we have descript above? Share your opinion with us in the comments!



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