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First date: do and don’t

The FIRST DATE: are you stressed about it? Don’t care: we have some useful tips for you!

Well, you have a date with the guy of your dreams. The most is done…or not?

We know that YOU KNOW that there is no a second occasion for a first good impression: so deal with the anxiety is inevitable.

However you have to keep in mind an important thing: being yourself, always and in every aspects. So, pay attention to your look and test nothing for the first time because you have to gain a state of inner quiet.

So, let’s start with the advice that every girl should know.

Do and don’t in your first date


  1. SMILE! Maybe you could think it is incredible but this simple action gives you a lot of charme: and remind you to use your “humor” to make him laugh.
  2. LISTEN. Support him during the conversion, listen his words looking him in the eyes. So you will create a complicity atmosphere.
  3. BALANCE. Balance questions and answers, talk about your hobbies and show interest for the hobbies of the guy of your dreams.
  4. BE POSITIVE. Show your good behavior and enhance your positive features: nobody love gloomy people.
  5. LOOK. Choose one or two body parts to support your charme. We advice hair and eyes. Why? Because hair is one of the most feminine symbol: you could make them more bright with shiny shampoos, and styling them natural. For eyes you can use a rimmel to highlight their intensity.
  6. BE ON TIME. We don’t need any other words. Nobody love people on late.


  1. ASK SOMETHING LIKE THIS: “How much do you earn?”, “Do you see marriage and sons in your future?”, “Do you live with your parents yet?!”, “Is it your usual look?” etc etc. These questions are oppressive, unfriendly, ironic and don’t help you to create a solid impression.
  2. SEX. It is not a good topic for a first date because it needs of a more close relashionship. You could talk about it another time, when you better know each other.
  3. SMARTPHONE. Put away your smartphone and DON’T TEXT during the conversion. What idea do you believe to do?
  4. INSECURITY. Don’t show your insecurity: if you are, try to explain the reason why but then you have to be more brave.
  5. EX. Don’t talk about your ex boyfriend in the first date! It is not nice at all.

What do you think about our advice?

Tell us your experience: what is your secret to impress during the first date? We wait for your comments!





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