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How to take care of you hair at sea: 10 effective tips

Hair tend to dry up if you go to sea or in swimming-pool: if you want to know how to protect your hair on summer, we’ll reveal you 10 important secrets!

Sun’s rays, heat, salt, chlorine, sand, wind… so many factors that can turn the fun season into a nightmare for your hair.

A nightmare that, however, can be avoided by following some tips that protect the hair from the sun and external agents and also make them wonderful in summer, fighting the damaging action of UV rays that burn the hair fiber and its components .

First of all it is important to do a self-analysis of own hair trying to remember how hair appears during and at the end of summer: in this way it will be easier to understand if you have to use all or only some of the tips that we reccomend.

You have to pays particular attention to certain “symptoms”:

  • dry and arid head of hair;
  • loss of gloss, shine and vitality;
  • hair like straw;
  • weak hair with a tendency to crack;
  • split ends;
  • dull and frizzy hair.

If many of them are familiar to you, use our 10 useful tips for your haircare on summer:

  1. At the beginning of summer, or just before holidays, avoid special treatments such as dyes, permanent or discoloration. If you can, we suggest to limit using of hair dryers and curling iron to decrease the hair stress.
  2. Drink a lot of water, about 2 liters a day, and eat lots of fruits and raw vegetables: good hydration of your body will also be reflected on the health of hair.
  3. When you’re exposed to the sun, at sea, on mountains or in the city, wearing a hat: it give you glamour and greatly helps to protect your hair, guaranteeing optimum protection. If you use a protective spray rich in UV filters and natural ingredients too the protection level becomes even higher.
  4. After bathing in the sea or in the pool always rinse your hair with fresh water: the residue of salt and chlorine, indeed, dry hair.
  5. To wash your hair choose delicate shampoo, SLES / SLS free, and with natural/organic active ingredients: ideal the products with Argan Oil to protect the hair and makes them soft.
  6. After the shampoo apply a restructuring conditioner that makes hair detangling and soft. Remember, too, that wash hair twice a week is more than enough.
  7. During the wash attention to water temperature: better lukewarm, with a final rinse with cold water which improves the shine of the hair.
  8. Avoid the hairdryer and prefer to dry your hair in a natural way: the heat is one of the worst enemies of hair. Similarly, do not use the iron, which increases the risk of dryness.
  9. On summer avoid tie your hair, especially after bathing: braids and tails support the accumulation of sand, salt and chlorine, damaging factors for hair.
  10. Use wooden combs and brushes. Even better, untangles hair with a wide toothed comb: you will remove knots and will not break hair.
  11. Against split ends applies a nourishing oil, and for a total renovation, once a week, nourish your hair with a natural mask homemade.

This year don’t wait for the end of summer to take care of your hair! As you saw, you have to follow just very little tips to keep them beautiful and on healthy: so in September you will not desperate run to your hairstylist.

Do you want to add some more points to our list of tips on how to take care of hair on summer? Let us know in the comments!



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