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Hair tutorial for Wedding parties

Summer is time of love and…wedding parties! Do you need some tips for your hair look? Read on to find out our ideas for you!

This is the time of great parties, especially wedding parties: do you need some ideas for your hair look? Braids, buns or pony tail; short, medium or long hair…Don’t worry, we have some lovely hair tutorial to create the perfect style for you.


Braided band hair tutorial



Simple and romantic: two words to describe the look you can create with a braided band. It is ideal for medium and long hair.

  1. Apply a repairing spray and brush the hair, fix them with a pincers behind head. Take a lock of hair from the back of left ear and create a thin braid to fix with a transparent rubber band.
  2. Repeat with the right side of head.
  3. Draw one of the two braids on the head and fix it with a hairpin; repeat with the other braid. Hide the two ends under every braid.

Our tips: for a more romantic mood, curl your hair!

Braid with scarf



It is a very original look: we put the scarf on the head as a band and use it as a lock of hair. It is ideal for short, medium and long hair.

  1. The day before the party wash hair with a nourishing shampoo.
  2. The day after, brush hair and put the scarf behind the neck and draw it on as a bend.
  3. Cross the ends of the scarf to make a knot such as a turban, and leave down the ends scarf. Fix the scarf with some pincers.
  4. Join ends scarf like one ribbon and use it as a lock of hair: start to braid and fix with a transparent rubben.

Our tips: choose a scarf in the same texture of your dress and you will be really very glam!



Donuts Bun hair tutorial



The donuts bun is an evergreen hair styling: very simple but very elegant and, furthermore, you can achieve it on your own. It is suitable for medium and long hair.

  1. The day before, after the shampoo, apply a volumising and bodyfing spray.
  2. The party day make a high pony tail and fix it with a strong rubben. Put on it the donut rubben, in the same colour of your hair.
  3. Hide the donut wrapping around it your hair.
  4. Fix the the look with some pincers and hair spray.

Our tips: you can achieve this styling in a lot of ways, with a down or side bun.



Twisted hair tutorial



This hair tutorial is perfect for short hair: anyway, if you want, is suitable for long hair too.

  1. Brush hair and take a lock of hair from the forehead. Apply on it a little amount of oil non oil. Divide the lock in two parts and twist them until the ends. Fix with a transparent rubben and a pincers.
  2. Repeat the operation with other three lock of hair.
  3. Join them together with a rubben.

Our tips: you can leave your hair straight or you can curl them.




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