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Shine hair: tips for bright hair

If you have dull and dry hair this is your post!

Shampoo, creams, hair stylist treatments: you have tried everything but, anyway, your hair are dull, sad, not beautiful.

If your question is how to shine hair, go on!

Hair are very important for women: long or short, it does not matter. It needs they are on health.

But if you choose to have medium-long hair it is important their brightness too because long and thick hair without brightness do not add value to a person look.

First of all, you have to take care of hair in every aspects, such as external agents, washing, styling and food: only in this way you can have hair on health and rich in light reflections.


Chemical and physiological factors can damage scalp and lengths.

Chemical factors:

  • Aggressive shampoo;
  • Hair dye or discoloration;
  • Permanent;
  • Hair straightener and curling tongs.

Physiological factors:

  • Smoke;
  • Stress;

Sometimes this factors mix creats dull and tired hair.


Good washing is the first step to shine hair. First of all, choose a shampoo parabens and paraffin free and rich in natural and nourishing active ingredients: in a few washings you will could see a surprising “renaissance” of head of hair.

During the washing, massage the scalp with circular movements of fingertips, to help micro-circulation and a better absorption of nourishing elements. The rinsing, instead, only with fresh water which helps to increasing hair brightness.

Finally, do not wash too much: you need to wash hair 2/3 times a week. In this way your hair will be more strong!


Shampoo is not enough: to obtain softness and silky touch sensation on hair you need both good tips and styling products.

You have to use conditioner always after the shampoo: very good the conditioners rich in Avocado Oil because it is nourishing. In this way hair will be soft, knot free and moisturized. Moreover, apply only few amount of product and only on lengths: indeed, often people use more product than need and they apply it on the scalp. The result is an oily scalp and heavy hair.

Before drying, dry surplus water on hair and keep the hair dryer at a distance of 10-15 cm with a lukewarm air jet.

Finally, to give a more light touch, you can use styling products: oils and crystal drops are ideal because they give a bright look and restructure cuticle, for a head of hair that reflexes light better.


Hair products work better with a good diet.

For example, for hair dryness we suggest you dried fruit and linseeds. If you have oily hair it is good for you the millet; to strengthen hair iron and zinc are very important and we can eat them through legumes.

So for a good haircare we have to value all the aspects and to use the right treatments and food!

If you have secret tips to have shine hair write them in the comments!




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