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baobab extract

Baobab Extract

The Baobab is a tropical plant of the Bombacaceae family and it is defined, by the African people, “The Magic Tree.” It is a very enduring tree that can live until 500 years, although in some parts of Africa have been found 5,000-years old specimens.

Baobab fruits are rich in Vitamin C and essential fatty acids (such as oleic and linoleic acid, lipids that maintain cell membranes on health) and, for this reason, it is a very important ingredient in food area and in cosmetics: indeed, it gives elasticity to dry and wrinkled skin, helps anti-cracking, gives brightness and shine to dry hair, and used on the hands strengthens the nails .

In particular, on the hair it plays enlightening and restructuring action, ensuring an intense nutrition that fights dryness, improves elasticity and strength of the hair and makes it soft to the touch.


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