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Tourism in Italy: favourite destinations and events for foreign tourists

Foreign people love our Italy: find out together what are their favourite destinations and the best events in these places!

According to Trivago researches, one of the most famous booking services for holidays, foreign people love Italy and its attractions.

Some examples: Austrians are in love with Adriatic coast (so Jesolo Lido, Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro); the same is for people from Switzerland and Russia, even if they prefer Rimini and Riccione, in Emilia Romagna region. Poles and Spaniards prefer staying in Rome, English people in Sorrento, and Swedes love.

The reason why of this success is the beauty of the cities, the awesome and unique landscapes and panoramas, the ancient history you can breathe everywhere and, clearly, the food.

So nature, local traditions and history are the key words perfect mix for tourists.

Now, we give you a list of particular and beautiful events in the favourite Italian places for this summer!

Sand sculpture exhibition, 2nd June – 11th September, Jesolo

In this 19th edition the Jesolo famous sand exhibition offers a itinerary in the most European cities with their symbols achieved in sand sculptures.

Place: Piazza Brescia.


Italian Air Show 2016, 14th August, Lignano Sabbiadoro

Along the Trieste Promenade in Lignano, on 14th August at 03.00 pm, you will can see the wonderful “Air show 2016 – W Lignano” with Frecce Tricolore: acrobatics, flights and the coloured green-white-red contrails in the sky to create the Italian flag!

A sea of fire, 15th August, Rimini

“Un mare di fuoco” or “A sea of fire” is the magic show in Rimini, under a sky full of stars, in the night of 15th August. Torches, candles, fire-eaters, fakirs, musicians and cooks will bright the night along the coast.

Place: Rimini beach, from lido 100 to 150, from 8.00 pm to 12.00 pm

Sagra della Panonta, 4th – 7th August, Riano (RM)

Near Rome, in Riano, from 4th to 7th August there is the “Sagra della Panonta”: the Panonta is a delicious typical dish of centre-Italy with bread and pork. During these four nights you will can eat, drink and have a lot of fun!

Serata Folklore, 13th – 15th August, Alghero

In the Folklore nights it is celebrated the Alghero tradition and history, with dances, music and traditional habits: in the night of 15th august there is also a beautiful fireworks show on the sea!

Place: Lo Quarter, Alghero, from 8.00 pm


Are you ready for a fantastic and unforgettable Italian summer?!

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