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Sales time: what are must-have hats that you can buy?

In time, even this January, the sales have come: what are the hats that you can buy taking advantage of the sales?

Find out them with us!  In the last two years hats have become an essential accessory to complete our outfits, especially in winter!  Why? They protect hair from cold and damp and, above all, they give an original mood to the look.  For these reasons sales are the best time to buy them, opting for different styles, so we can have the perfect hat for every situation!  Before starting our shopping tour remind us that sales are not always a good deal, so pay attention: here there are some advice to avoid purchases that we could regret, in case of hats or some other clothes.

1. Let’s make a list of what we need (it will prevent us from making purchases not provided);

2. Let’s set a budget to do not overcome;

3. Let’s buy what is trendy this season (the winter is long…);

4. Let’s look at the fashion shows that pre-announce the 2015-2016 fashion winter (we can find them online right now) and look for something that will be trendy the next season.  Now, after we prepared to deal with sales, we can move on to the must-have hats for a “glam head”.

As we wrote earlier, the hat is a cool and trendy accessory and fashion designers proposed them on all runways: in different designs, fabrics and patterns, surely we can find the perfect one for us!  Every head has its hat, so here there are all the must-have hats to be used according to our mood and look.


For every day look, the woolen hat is the most casual and versatile solution; in wool knits or coasts, colored or in a pure white snow, with prints or with pom pom or, in the crazy versions, with teddy bear ears, cat etc. Perfect to protect us during the coldest days, we can find a lot of kinds in stores: surely we will find the perfect one for us! The news this year? The “Baseball hat” with visor: very cute, to match with a winter coat or a sporty bomber.


It is a classy and timeless hat: the classic Borsalino in felt is in the list of must-have because it is so iconic as to be called an “evegreen”. It gives class and elegance and it is perfect both for going to the office and for leisure time.


If you prefer a vintage style, Fedora is our hat; relative of the Borsalino , Fedora is different because of the smaller brim. Felt and velvet, in the colors of red, brown and black, it is very trendy this winter, and it is perfect for people who do not want to be too flashy.


The wide-brimmed hat is very sophisticated and gives a romantic style, as a great star. We saw it on Mrs. Clooney during her wedding days: after as it has been wore by a queen of style like her, now it has become a real cult accessory.


This hat of Russian origin is really luxurious: in soft fur, it is warm and enveloping. Perfect for colder winters and happy hours on Sunday afternoon: pay attention, choose it only if we have an oval or heart shape of the face. Being a “bulky” hat, it is not suitable to people who have a round and chubby face!


The turban is the most fashionable hat this winter: it requires originality because it is not very common to see, while on the runways it was a great success. If we are brave, it could be the perfect accessory to draw attention to ourselves.  With the turban we finished the list of headgear “in” of the season: thanks to reduced prices, we can choose the best one for us, but we can also buy more types and materials!  Enjoy your shopping!

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