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How to taking care of our hair after Christmas holidays: “remise en forme” goal in 3 steps

During Christmas time we had many commitments: now our appearance and our hair worsened. Let’s find out the program to reshape our look!

Christmas parties are a real tour of lunches, dinners and happy hours with family and friends: walks, bars, restaurants, and invitations outside and inside the house knocked our body.

Sins of gluttony and the inability to stopped family commitments have created imbalances in our metabolism. The result? Tiredness, more kilos on the scale and weakened hair.

It’s time to put into practice all the good intentions that we promised ourselves for the new year focusing ,in particular, about our new beauty routine: to taking care of hair and get back to the top, after the holidays, need just a few gestures.

Here it is our 3-steps program to reshape our look!

Starting with the hair because they are the ones to suffer first during stress times: several washings and dryings of the last period weakened them and, for this reason, it is necessary to take some precautions.

– First of all, wash your hair only twice a week and only with nourishing products, rich in keratin or plant stem cells energizing. If our hair is dyed or treated we can opt for specific and delicate products rich in nourishing and protective Jojoba Oil .

– Remind us that, if we want to get soft hair faster, it is necessary to apply a conditioner after shampoo; once a week, however, replace the conditioner with a restructuring mask or with regenerating vials that, acting from the hair bulb, fight the loss of tone of the foliage.

– Finally, pay attention to drying: better without hair dryer, but in case of need, use thermo-active and heat-protective creams that protect the hair from heat and, when hair dryed, apply on end hair a soften oil (link) that acts, at the same time, in the prevention against split ends.

At this point our “remise en forme”, to be complete, should be continue with a more balanced diet.

– Let’s start with a depurative infusion to drink during the day or after a meal.

– We prefer, to supplement and energy bars, foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as oranges, tangerines, kiwi, apples, peppers and broccoli, legumes, fish and white meat.

– As a snack, opt for a handful of nuts: rich in oil and minerals, is a good source of nutrients for the body!

Finally, the third step in which we can not renounce is to set in motion the body.

– After work we can make a walking for half an hour every day.

– If we are a bit ‘lazy’ we can think of an enrollment at the gym: if you prefer an aerobics or zumba course, or a series of exercises in the fitness room, it does not matter; the important thing, however, is to do hard work and sweat to eliminate toxins and, at the same time, lose those kilos that you accumulated in fifteen days of “binges”.

After a few weeks of this “program” we can see the first results: regenerated and stronger hair, smoother and toned skin, and, finally, a general feeling of wellness!

What are we waiting for? Let’s get to work!

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