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The beauty routine in the whole world: some curiosities

Beauty is subjective and the beauty routine changes in each country: find out together this fascinating world!

Every day we make actions as usual such as brush our teeth, take a shower, get dressed to go to the work…have you ever thought that these actions are the result of our education?

Culture and society greatly influence our behavior and our beauty idea: indeed, this concept is subjective and it can be different because of the anthropological evolution of a community.

For example, according to the Institute London Research International, Mediterranean women have a sunny personality and, therefore, they love face products (especially illuminating creams with curative benefits), Scandinavian and Northern Europe women are sensitive to environment so they prefer eco-organic cosmetics; finally, American women, being very fussy, want to experiment and they are great make-up artists.

Differences are not over: indeed, there are typical beauty routines in each country; they are fascinating but also very different from what we are used to in the Western world in which, to be beautiful, we can just use lipstick and rimmel.

At this point… How do exotic people enhance their beauty? Here there is a list of the most unusual beauty routines of foreign cultures!

We can start from the East: in Japan, for example, the bathroom is not a simple cleanless practice but a moment of relax and regeneration, which takes place according to specific steps. First of all, you have to get inside the bath tub (empty), squeeze your knees to your chest and lean on them the forehead: remaining in this position, fill the bath tub gradually with the water, first lukewarm and then warm, reaching the temperature of 38 degrees. In a few minutes we will feel our body and muscles in a state of relax.

In addition to the bath, Japanese women also love to take care of their hair: for this reason they preserve the ancient geisha custom to towel-dry hair with a cloth of pure silk, like that of the kimonos. It is thanks to this practice that their hair is always soft and shiny (if you want nice and shiny hair ask a customized advice to our beauty consultants)!

Moving to China, there are two ethnic groups who consider hair very important: for example, women of the Miaos dynasty never cut their hair and, during special occasions, they are styled with a valuable hat that represents their social status.

Yao women, instead, used to cut their hair only at the age of 18 and 38 years because hair is one of the greatest symbols of feminine beauty. Again, during important ceremonies, they tie their hair in a pony-tail and fix them with a turban decorated with coloured pompom.

In India women emphasize their beauty with the famous black kohl that makes their eyes magnetic; to show their caste they decorate the body with henna drawings and they used to wear jewels such as clincking necklaces and bracelets.

In the Islamic world, it is well known the hammam ritual. What is the hammam? It is a purifying steam bath with essential oils, such as argan oil; the ritual involves the passage in some rooms in which there are different temperatures and concentrations of aromatic vapor. What are the benefits? It improves circulation, removing toxins and making the skin elastic and radiant.

Some funny rituals about men?

We found one in Papua New Guinea where, in special ceremonies, men pay homage to their ancestors painting their faces with the yellow colour and decorating their bodies with feathers and pieces of leather, to evoke symbolically the paradise birds. This practice is similar to the Niger male tribes custom in which, to seduce women, during the courtship period they decorate all over the body with feathers, beads and paintings.

Anyway, what is your beauty idea and what is your beauty routine?
Tell us about it in the comments!

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