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Beach Waves: the wavy beach effect hair tutorial

Would you like to have a wavy beach effect on your hair? Read on the fantastic our BiT-Girl hair tutorial of Tiziana and Biancamaria from MybeautyPedia!

Summer, music, beach and hair in the wind! I literally love this season! Maybe because I have grown up with the sea smell always in the air: to me nothing compares to summer evenings lived with music and sand between toes.

But, unfortunately, although beautiful and carefree, summer has a price! From one side the sea and the sun makes us more shining with golden skin and hair slightly bleached, on the other side they force us to protect ourselves with more care and attention and to experience different ways to not damage our already stressed hair by salt and sun.

If you look for an alternative way to the dryer or the classic hair straightener you are in the right place. Indeed, I am going to explain you how to get, without much effort, and with very few instruments, soft and silky waves to show on the beach or in your summer evenings with friends.
01_Trattamento styling ricci fix per capelli ricci e beach wavesTo prepare the hair and keep them elastic, I have chosen to use the BLUORANGE RICCI FIX line that allows me to keep the wavy effect for much longer than the less specific products. I recommend you to use products such them because, otherwise, hair get heavy.








02_Applicazione Maschera Ricci fixThe first step is the washing and the applying of the nourishing mask because, in this way, it will be much easier to keep them in the hair perm. Massage and rinse well the Curly Reviving Shampoo and then apply the mask, to leave to work for a few minutes on the entire length.



03_Applicazione crema termo protettiva ricci fixThe second step is the pre-drying. After combing your hair, you can apply the Curl Reviving Cream with a protective heat action to define and protect hair from the heat of the dryer. At this step, you have to focus mostly on the base of the hair to get a wavy effect from the middle of the length. If you have no problem to leave all the hair wet, and want a more ruffled result, skip this step.


04_Siero Ravviva Ricci_hairtutorialBefore the final styling, apply to the wet lengths a few drops of Curl Reviving Serum to eliminate frizzy effect and get a more curly defined hair without sacrificing softness and shine.





05_hairtutorial_beach wavesThe last step is the most important, but do not panic, it’s not complicated as it could appear. You have to simply separate two locks from the beginning of the head (or wherever you like) and twist them.

Then fix everything with a rubber band. You can create all the twists that you want but if you are lazy even two will be fine. Leave to work as much as you can but not less than four hours. After this time, you will untie twists, shake them and you will apply a few drops of Curl Reviving Serum to complete the look.

06_Risultato beach waves07_hairtutorial_beach waves_fronteThe final effect will amaze you and you can make it happen whenever you wish, without the risk of damaging the hair. Get ready for a summer of love and do not forget that what will make you really bright is your smile!







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