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How to take care of dyed hair: 10 FAQ about coloured hair

Do you want to take care of your coloured hair in the best way? In this post you can find all the curiosities, the tips and secrets about the world of hair dyes, highlighters and streaks!

For women hair are very important: they make us feel beautiful, romantic, bold, daring, sensual, because of the possibility to style them in the manner that we most prefer!

And what about the colour? We identify ourselves in blonde, brunette and “ginger”, and if the nature has not given us the nuance that we love…we can turn to our trusted hair stylist who will do a magic trick with our hair!

It does not matter if we decide to dye hair because of the appearance of the first white hair or, simply, because we love a colour in particular: it is important to know that coloured hair are very delicate and require specific cares.

For this reason we decided to answer to the most important, and often the more commons, questions about dyed and treated hair!

1) How to choose the perfect hair colour?
Every woman is different and a nuance can enhance a face and make ugly another. To guess the colour and the ideal tone it is necessary consult our hair stylist: he can only make a correct analysis of our fleshy pink, of the features and of our eye colour. Thereafter, he may also suggest us the right hair cut to match with the new colour because they are complementary and, rightly mixed, they will give us an amazing look.

2) What is the difference between hair dyes, highlights, streaks and instant highlighters?
The hair dye is a technique of hair coloration or discoloration and it can be permanent or semipermanent. Highlights have the aim to lighten, without decoloration, and for this reason they can only be achieved on a natural base. Streaks lighten the hair through the technique of discoloration and for this reason they can be achieved on natural base or already treated hair. The instant highlighters are temporary colours, with high molecular weight, which are layed down deposited on the hair, like a film, and removed in some washings.

3) How long do the dyes, highlights, streaks and instant highlighters last?
The dyes last almost a month; highlights lighten about three months, the discolorations do not bleach but change tone; finally, the instant highlighters are washed away in three or four shampoo.

4) When can we touching up them?
The dye retouching should be done after about a month, especially in the case of white hair, while for semi-permanent colours it is necessary to evaluate subjectively when our hair loses shine and vitality.

5) How many colours treatments can we make in a year?
Twelve, so one a month.

6) Which factors can deteriorate dyed hair?
There are many factors that can deteriorate dye hair: surely, atmospheric agents such as ultra-violet rays, but also the hair dryer and hair straighteners that, with their high temperatures, can damage the hair fiber; finally, the non-specific shampoo that attack the colour threatening its last.

7) How to protect and preserve coloured hair?
The coloured hair need more cares because they were treated and edited in their original structure: for this reason we need to use specific products that intensely nourish the hair, based on emollient and moisturizer Jojoba Oil. It is essential that, for example, the shampoo gently cleanses enhancing the brilliance of colour and its duration, and that the conditioner hydrates and extricates from the knots to preserve the brightness of the hair. Moreover, it is very important to use after every wash, or at least once a week, lotions or milk sprays that enhance reflexes and act proactively counteracting colour fading.

8) Can we dramatically change our hair colour?
With new techniques, professional salons can guarantee good results in the drastic change of colour. It is important, however, as it surely will recommend us our hair stylist, preceeding by steps without expecting an immediate result.

9) Which results can guarantee the henné?
Henné is a natural colour, basically red: the final shade of red depends on the colour of start. On white hair, the effect is a full and shiny red, on blond and light brown hair becomes a coppery red and, finally, on dark hair the effect is only a light coppery shade.

10) How to treat and prevent yellowing in white hair?
If in more mature ages we decide to keep our natural hair colour , at some point, it will become white: it is not a good reason to stop to taking care of them! The white hair are risky to become yellow and frizzy so it is important to treat them with an anti-yellow product that, thanks to its moisturizing action, makes hair soft and shiny and keeps them in an amazing white.

Changing our hair colour can be funny but, as we have said up to now, it is always important to turn to experts to get exactly the result that we want!

Do we cleaerd all doubts about the world of coloured hair with this post or do you still have questions about?
If you do, write them in the comments! We will make a new post to answer all your open questions!

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