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Hair trends for brides of 2015

Wedding hairstyles: in this post you can find the best trendy hair looks for next season, intercepted by our  B-IT GIRL Raffaella Catania, beauty and fashion blogger of The colours of my closet!

For many women the wedding day, of the fateful yes, it is definitely one of the most important day in their life: during that day everything has to be perfect, both dress and hair.

Choosing the right hairstyle is important to enhance the facial features, but even for the dress and for the mood that you have decided to give to the wedding.

But…what are the most trendy hairstyles for next season?
01_acconciatura_chignon_oil-non-oil_luce reflexThe chignon is surely an evergreen, perfectly pulled if you like the dancer effect but, it is fantastic in the version “ruffled” too, for hipster and cheeky brides.






02_acconciatura_Capelli-con-treccia-corona_Spray Riparatore Anti-Rottura_KeratinHowever, the major trend is a new kind of volume, even three-dimensional. In this case, braids are the masters, both classical and in cascade.

If you like the braids in crown style, the braid can surround the head giving, at the same time, both a little Nordic and romantic look.






03_Acconciatura-con-treccia_Liss sublimeMoreover, braids can be rolled up or made in fishbone in the lower part of hair and they definitely give a sophisticated boho chic look.









04_acconciature-sposa-sciolti-Argan OlioFor brides who have decided to give a vintage touch to their look, it is a good idea focusing on voluminous and rounded hairstyles. It is important to give volume to hair, and let it free in soft waves if you want leave them untied, or create a classic banana-style according to old Hollywood mood. In both cases, do not forget to use precious clips.



If you decide to match the wedding dress with the veil you need to choose the right hairstyle. In this case, what’s the best choice? Untied or gathered hair? Straight or curly ones?
05_acconciature-sposa-raccolti-boho_Volume AmplyIt depends on the length of the hair, on the shape of the face and on your favorite taste, as well as, of course, on the style of your dress.
For more traditional brides who choose the veil, it is good to opt for semi-gathered or gathered hair that enhance the face; lately, younger brides love especially the natural look, also with wavy or curly hair for the occasion.

Finally, for brides who decide to say no to the veil, the short veil, “veletta” in Italian, is a good option: in this case it is advisable to gather hair and if you have short ones then, everything is easier because you will not need anything else with a short veil.

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