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The perfect suitcase: don’t panic! These are our “Saving holiday Tips” – Part 1

How to make the perfect suitcase? How to fold the clothes and what do you need to bring with you asolutely? Don’t worry! Here you will find  the list for getting everything you need on holiday without a fighting with the closure of the luggage!

Starting the countdown to the holidays: dreaming, the moment we will be ready to leave towards our holiday destination, suitcases on hand. Suddenly the panic attacks us and our dream becomes a nightmare: THE CASE! Every year we have to prepare the luggage, but we have reduced spaces to put our clothes and we are worry leaving home important objects that can creates us annoying troubles.

If the pre-holiday time is very stressful for you, these are all the objects that you cannot forget!

1)  PERSONAL DOCUMENTSidentity card, passport and travel ticket. The documents are essential, therefore, a week before leaving, arrange them on the Clipboard. In addition, for the ID and the passport remember to verify the expire date; write on a piece of paper the secrets codes of the mobile and the references of the secure codes for CREDIT CARDS;

2) CHARGER (and ADAPTERS, IF YOU are going ABROAD): for smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera. This is a must have item to stay connected around the world. Put them in the suitcase, maybe in a hole between the layers of clothes;

3) BASIC FIRST AID KIT: If you have any illness or kind of allergy, you need to be sure you have everything you need in case of a reaction. Then, don’t forget bandages and antiseptic spray for small lesions and hurts. Finally, aspirin, paracetamol and lactobacillus, especially abroad, are able to guarantee the correct treatment for the minor ills;

4) THE BEAUTY CASE: first, if you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses, put them in your beauty case. Then mosquito spray, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume, shower-shampoo, conditioner, spray, hair accessories (headbands, elastics, bobby pins), cotton swabs, makeup remover wipes, detergent , comb and brush, sunscreens and after-sun lotion, nail kit / feet (one-two colors of nail polish). Finally, make a careful selection of our makeup and jewelry. (qui bisogna mettere I link come in italiano)

5) USEFUL ACCESSORIES: a bag for dirty things; your camera (check the memory card and saved the photo before deleting them); sunglasses; an hat; a pen; a sanitizer for the hands; some good books and the travel guide; an umbrella handbag or a k-way;

6) CLOTHING and SHOES THAT CAN NOT BE MISSED: there are some clothes that none of us can forget: the beach wear, underwear, socks and pajamas, the pashmina for evening , a little black dress, jeans, shorts or leggings and t-shirts (1 per day if you do not have a chance to wash them), a sweater, a pair of sandals for the evening, a couple of sneakers.

7) FLIP FLOPS: almost always on holidays we have to walk with shoes in your room or in the house. A pair of flip flops take little space in your luggage and will make you feel more comfortable during the holiday.

Are you ready now? Download the check-list that we have prepared for you and begins with your selection, starting with the shoes. … then put everything on the bed … and follow our advices on how to close the suitcase…some saving space tips could be useful!

Good work and good luck;-)

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