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The perfect suitcase: don’t panic! These are our “Saving holiday Tips” – Part 2

Do you want to know how to make the perfect suitcase? Don’t you know how to start? Don’t  worry! If you follow our advices you will be able to close all in your suitcase!

In the previous post we helped remembering the must have items that you cannot forget on holidays; now it is the turn of the luggage: how to prepare it in order to make everything fit in?

First of all, take all the clothes and objects, place them on the bed and order them by type. Try following these steps:

1) put the shoes on the bottom of the suitcase, each pair in a single bag;

2) lay skirts and trousers opened just on the shoes: you can fold the excess tissue that comes out the suitcase above the rest of the layers of clothing, just before you close the suitcase;

3) roll up linen on the jerseys and pants (so to avoid rubbing);

4) lay down dresses and light clothes on the last layer.

You will notice that in each layer there are small spaces: use them! In these holes, in fact, you can fix the hair dryer, make-up (inserting them in small transparent bags to avoid staining), belts, accessories and bijoux: in this way all the clothes fit perfectly.

Now in your suitcase there is all you need! In case you’ll bring some particularly delicate clothes remember that you can “iron them” just hanging it in the bathroom with the hot water jet opened and close the door for 5-10 minutes: steam, in fact, is a great help! Also, there are some other advice that we report you:

– an “old trick from grandmother” claims that putting delicate clothes in a tissue bag make them perfect, without wrikles;

– for shirts, unfortunately, there is no remedy: with whatever technique you’ll use, in any case they will arrive at the destination always creased. The solution? Don’t use them on holiday!!!

With regards to how to choose the clothes and beauty products to bring with you, these are latest but not least tips:

– prefer basic clothes that fit well both for the day time and the evening too , simply by changing the accessories and colors, that you can mix and match, so you can multiply your outfit (summer fashion colors are electric blue , fuchsia, geranium red … choose your preferred and build on it your holiday’s wardrobe!)

– for daily hygiene, use 2 in 1 products (like the shower-shampoo BluOrange) that helps you gaining space, useful for sun lotions (have you seen the new line Sun Argan?!).

Now…enjoy your holidays!

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