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Summer drinks: original recipes for cocktails with your friends

Are you bored of the usual Mojito and the classic Spritz? Shock your friends with new colourful and original recipes for summer drinks with a lot of new tastes!

In the summer hot time ignites the desire for tasty drinks that satisfy the palate: fresh, colorful, ice and little umbrellas, the selection of the cocktail is always very various. Though… Despite the selection of refreshing and super cool drinks is wide and mixed, we have the possibility to be creative…

Why don’t you offer something new and unusual?

You can prepare summer drinks with exotic fruits and ingredients that you can find at home, using a bit of creativity and the right tools for leaving everyone astonished. The only thing you need is some recipes, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of this!

Here there are our ideas for your yummy drinks to make your friends’ mouth- watering!


The atmosphere is an oasis in the middle of the sea, the smell is fresh ALOE (which promotes the wellness of the whole organism): Tropical cocktail, refreshing and tasty, is inspired by the summer and it flavours fruity. List for preparation: 

50 ml of aloe vera gel

500 ml of tropical juice

300 ml of juice to fishing

ice to taste 

Shake the two juices: add aloe, ice cubes and decorate with skewers of fresh fruit.


You know, the summer is hot and so is not advisable to drink alcohol: what do you think switching to the non-alcoholic version of the Piña Colada? All ready for the Virgin Colada, drink of COCO intense flavor, which goes perfectly with your desire of thirst and tenderness at the same time. Here are the steps to prepare the alternative of the most famous cocktail: 

2 cl of coconut 

4 cl orange juice 

6 cl of pineapple juice,


pineapple chunks 

red cherries

ice cubes 

Whisk coconut juice, orange and pineapple, strawberries and ice cubes in a blender. Decorate with pieces of pineapple and a cherry in the glass.

Do you prefer a cocktail with a unique and surprising flavour? Orange Beauty will excite you: creamy and sweetie, aren’t you curious to know the reason of its name? Because the CARROT is the secret ingredient, with its bright orange colour!
3 figs in season
½ peach
4 carrots puree,
lemon juice to taste
whey taste

Blend all the ingredients together; pour into glasses and decorate with colored straws and little fantasy umbrellas.

for summer evenings and dedicated to fans of the MINT, here’s a fresh alternative to Mojito. How to prepare this delicious drink? Here are the steps:
sprigs of mint
½ liter of wine
four tablespoons of rum
two tablespoons of sugar
ice cubes

Wash the mint, dry and blend it together with the sugar until you get a creamy mash; add the wine, rum, ice cubes and shake. Serve with chocolate dipped fruit.

Now you have a list of ready to use drinks, so pamper your friends palates with all these new flavours!

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