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How to dress the night of Mid-August: a look for every occasion

The look for mid-August holiday: whatever the atmosphere in which we will be, we’ll need the right outfit. Discover our suggestions and find out the one that best reflects your style!

Tanned and beautiful….we are going to celebrate also this year the most famous night of the summer. At the sea, in the mountain or in the city, wherever you’ll be, THE AIM IS AMAZING, SHINING, AND BE STARRING…FROM the HEAD TO the TOES!

Obviously every situation requires an appropriate clothing for the situation: we can follow the trends of the moment, mix clothes of different styles, or invent our fashion. The important thing is to feel at ease to fully enjoy this wonderful evening!

These are our proposals based on the “location” of the event: let us inspire and surely we will be the queen of the party!


Password: do not be out of place. If our Mid-August will be on the beach in front of a fire, avoid dresses with glitters and high heels: do we want to be mistaken for the lighthouse of the bay or sink with the stiletto in the sand?

We have to be practical because during the night on the beach could be very cold or wet: so a sweater must be put into the bag and pull out when needed. 

As for the outfit we thought of a “GIPSY” LOOK: long skirt, many flashy and tinkling accessories, the foot flat sandals, and the hair in a side braid attached with a gel from the delicate finish. The extra touch? Instead of knitting wear a swimsuit, a trikini or a bikini paired with a denim vest or used with many fringes: at midnight, when someone will propose it (because surely someone will propose it), we will be the first to jump into the sea! 


We bought tickets months and months ago and now it is the time of the concert of our favorite singer or band, who has decided to perform in Mid-August.

Is it a rock concert? The dress code expect SHORTS LEATHER and lace blouse, blacks boots (even if it’s hot !!!), red lips and hair with wet effect, to be obtained with an polishing oil

If the singer is more pop style, we still propose DENIM SHORTS (comfortable and cool) with t-shirt in fluorescent color, sneakers and many bracelets to match. Now we just have to prepare the voice and enjoy the emotion of singing along with our idol!


Are we spending the holidays on the Amalfi coast, the Balearics or in Mykonos?! 99% our mid-August night will be in some fantastic famous club.

In this case, as opposed to the fire on the beach, super high heels and glitters are the must: we cover or, rather, we discover the legs with a mini-dress and we use a make-up that focus on the eyes or lips, but that has not too be flashy ( it must lasts a wild night of dancing), and styling hair with a massive fold with a volumizing mousse

For accessories, we opt for a clutch bag with shoulder strap for keeping smartphone, identity card, cash, and all that will let us have our hands free for shake them into the music “all night long”. 


Almost all celebrate Mid-August during the evening, but why wasting a day if you can live it fully? Here the idea of making a barbecue in the mountains, with volleyball matches, walking, fresh air and a feeling of peace outside the city.

Given the dynamics location, we opt for a “SPORTY STYLE”: soft pants or shorts, t-shirt or cotton tank top with fantasy printing, comfortable shoes and socks (in the case of long walks there will be much more comfortable).

The accessory to distinguish? Tweezers or an Alice bend, colorful and useful, to hold off hair during the volleyball contest that will be organized, together with our friends. 

Pay attention to sunburn: in the mountains you are in high altitude and the sun protection is more important: use a sun cream often and you can enjoy the whole day outdoor! 


Did you already have your holidays, and have to spend Mid-August night in the city? What better time to organize a dinner with friends! 

Table on the terrace, snacks and drinks are ready, the sunset on the horizon, good company … the atmosphere is the best. How to dress as the perfect host?

We recommend the style of the FIFTIES: fluttering clothes, light and swing, prints with stripes and pois, in the colors of geranium, white or blue, paired with open-toe shoes or with mid-heel. Defined the make-up with an eye liner to stretch the eye and makes deeper look, with a nail polish to match the dress and hair styled in soft waves (for a more definition we use a substantivizing serum). 

Now we just have to open the wardrobe, choose the cloths of our outfits and then … fully enjoy every moment of the day! 

Happy Mid-August!

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