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Hair and make-up: each hair colour has its perfect makeup

When we prepare a make-up we always pay attention to balance shades and shadows and, especially, we choose to focus on lips or eyes: but…have we ever thought that the end result is very much influenced by the hair colour?!

Our hair colour is really important and it should be considered when we decide our make-up.

Indeed, it is not a simply matter of style or daily outfit; to be perfect, our make-up needs of a colours harmony among:

1) eyes
2) skin
3) hair

MUAs (acronym for Make-Up Artists), in their jargon, define this harmony “complexion” because the overall end effect depends on the way in which the three elements interact with each other.

Moreover, if we dyed hair in the past time, we have to remind also a fourth physical characteristhic, that is eyebrows colour: for example, if our hair became from a blonde to a jet black it is very likely that our eyebrows light colour spoils the face harmony; at this point the only solution is to dye them according to the shade of hair.

Hair, being dyed, also need to be lighted up with specific haircare treatments for coloured hair because dyes, with the time, tend to fade and, therefore, they have to treated in a special way!

Now, it doesn’t matter if our hair is dyed or natural, let’s have a look at the suggestions of the best international make-up artists about colour-matches between make-up and hair.

The extreme platinum, almost white, is the fashion top colour of the last two years: it is not for all faces (indeed, it is perfect for people with a very regular face and with an ethereal skin), and to be always bright it needs an anti-yellow shampoo. Who adopts this colour has to choose an elegant and extremely refined style, both in clothing and in make-up; the make-up prefers clean lines and very light colours (because they don’t add weight to face), such as pastel and natural tones: for example, pink, beige and sand, green water and blue.
THE MAKE-UP FOR BLOND HAIR (from honey blond to ash blond)
Blond hair, being usually very bright, can use silky haircare treatments that give them immediate softness. The base of the face requires a coloured cream tone-su-tone: indeed, both whiten tones than darker ones tend to spoil the beauty complexion. The palette for the eyes can range from bronze to gold, for special occasions, while for every day you can play on the shades of apricot, coppery or blue-green. We have to avoid, however, the baby pink and blue that create an unpleasant “Barbie” effect, and looks too dark because they don’t combine very well with the delicacy of the face and hair colours. Instead, lips are at the top with pink, peach and coral red colours.
Red, usually, is a star colour and, for this reason, it needs a special make-up: often, with red hair we have also a milky skin and many freckles. Our advice is not to cover them (indeed, many women live freckles as a flaw) but to enhance them as a pleasant feature of the face, thanks to peach or apricot blushes. For a smokey eyes, to focus attention on look, we have to prefer brown pencil and eye-shadow; instead, for a more simple look, we can choose iridescent eye-shadows in the coppery, purple and green colours. The effect is an hypnotizing look!

Brown hair, despite the different tones from person to person, it is definitely the most common colour. To avoid of diseappearing in the crowd it is necessary, first of all, to revive this kind of hair with bright reflections through illuminating products. Second, we have to take care of the make-up choosing orange and apricot blushes, prefering lilac and purple shades on eyes, while for a more intense look opting for anthracite gray and a metallic shades. For an every-day make-up, we can focus on browns, yellows, coppery and bronze. Finally, on the lips, we can choose the nude look or iridescent lipsticks in all shades of red!

Women with dark hair usually have dark eyes and olive skin: for this appearance, typical of the Mediterranean area, it is perfect an intense look able to emphasize the innate sensuality. We can choose smokey eyes in the shades of grey and black, but using eye-shadows with light textures; there are ok also the colours pink, purple and blue, for a more vivid make-up. On the lips, instead, are excellent bright tones and greedy lipglosses.

What do you think about these suggestions? Do you agree?
Share your opinion and tell us about your own colours palette for a perfect make-up based on the colour of your hair!

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