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Gift Ideas for Christmas: wellness and beauty surprises under the Christmas tree

Do you have many friends and gifts to do and you don’t know how to begin? Don’t worry, we have the solution for you! For all of them there is the perfect BluOrange gift that will make them surprised and happy!

13 days until Christmas: the family, relatives, friends and the partner, even this year we have to turn to a multitude of shops looking for the perfect gift.

BluOrange will helps you with some ideas that will satisfy even the most discerning friends: for each of them, in fact, there is a perfect range of products line. Finding t under the Christmas tree it will make them happy and more…beautiful!

To help you choosing the perfect cosmetics we have created some “profiles” to match “friend” to the ideal haircare treatment. Thinking their lifestyle and personality you can not make mistakes! Here, then, our identikits:

1) For the sophisticated friend 
She is the typical girl who pays attention to every detail, always tidy and polite. Her life style and look is very sophisticated and elegant. For her, who loves beauty in all its forms, the ideal treatment is Argan Oil- Beauty Essence, a line of products suitable for all types of hair, with an intense aromatic notes of vanilla and myrrh, perfect for her strong personality.

2) For the multi-tasking friend 
She studies and works, perfectly speaks four languages, in the evening she follows yoga and dance, photography, cake design courses; in her free time she paints, programs mountain walks, organizes literary circles, goes to concerts or books a travel in Ireland to visit an old friend known during Erasmus. Impossible defining her a common type: for your multi-tasking friend the perfect line is Stem Cells Bio-Regenerating, which, thanks to its active ingredients WITH stem cells active plants from a rare Swiss apple, gives new sprint and great energy to stressed hair because of so intense lifestyle.

3) For the “homemade” friend 
Bricolage, decoupage, craft & homemade … for many of us these terms are unknown, but not for her. Your friend loves to sew, make with her hands small decors for home and accessories for styling: for this reason a curative treatment to do at home is the perfect gift! The Keratin 100% Pure Keratin line repairs hair from the inside, with a “reconstruction” effect, similar to the best hairstylists. Better than this ?! 😉

4) For the sporty friend
Swimming, cross running, hiking and climbing: with the sun or the rain your friend is a real Sporty Girl. Unfortunately, climate and weather changes could damage hair: what could be better than giving her a Sun Hair treatment? In this way her hair are always protected from external agents such as chlorine, wind, sun etc!

5) For the “crazy” friend
She loves following fashion, testing everything from the latest nails trends or Japanese-style shoes. A crazy girl who likes, of course, changing hair color very often! To ensure that its coloration is always at the top give her Ravviva Colore that protects and illuminates hair colour in a natural way. We are sure that she will find an original way to reciprocate your affection.

6) For iron straigthener friend
She loves iron effect: she passes the straightener several times in a day, the straight perfec the perfect smooth hair of Morticia Adams is her model. To give a bit of peace to her hair opt for the Liss Sublime- Perfect Straight treatment: its anti-frizz and smoothing formula will make her forgetting the use of the iron!

7) For the shy friend
She is a nice and cute girl but … she is really too shy! Your friend needs a little support to get noticed when shyness takes over: give her the Luce Reflex line with Linseeds and Crystals of Sapphire! With beautiful and bright hair rich in reflections she will not be un-noticed!

8) For the partner
In addition to your friends there is your partner! Why do not combine your gift that expresses the love you feel for him with one of the treatments for man by BluOrange? In this way he will receive a double presents, that surely it will be appreciated!

Have you seen how easy has been finding the perfect gift for people you love?! And if you’re wondering in which stores you can find BluOrange lines visit the Store Locator area: here you will find all the best retailer shops, or write us to info@bluorange.it!

And now, what about you: in your “wish list” which BluOrange product would you like to receive? Which line would you like to try? Let us know in the comments and … have a good choice!

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