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Father’s Day: origins, curiosities and gift ideas

When Father’s Day was born? Why? And how can we celebrate it with an original idea that can surprise our “daddy”? Read on to find it out!

Father’s Day is not only an Italian celebration, but a common tradition all around the world.

It seems, indeed, that its origins arrive from an ancient pagan worship to celebrate the arrival of spring: in the agrarian culture, in fact, during the equinox, farmers used to prepare big bonfires and burn a little of crop, while seniors sang old propitiatory purification hymns for the arrival of the good season.

In its current version, the celebration was founded in Virginia, in 1908, and it was made official in Washington during the following year, thanks to the insistence of a young daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted a special day dedicated to fathers: and, because his father was a Civil War veteran, the government decided to establish the celebration during the third Sunday of June, in the occasion of Mr. Smart Dodd birthday.

In Italy, and in Catholic tradition, Father’s day is celebrated on the19th of March, day of St. Joseph: it is not a random choice, because St. Joseph is not only Jesus father but also the protector of orphans, poor people, unmarried girls and carpenters. And because the story says that he sold pancakes to survive and to support his family, after their escape to Egypt…many of typical regional Italian sweets of this special day are inspired by this episode!

Have you ever eaten “zeppole di San Giuseppe” that are prepared in Naples with fried dough, pastry cream and cherries? And what about of “raviole Emiliane”? They are sweet pastries filled with cream and jam and baked into oven. And finally, what about of “zeppole di riso”? These temptations are typical of the Italian central regions and of Sicily: they are rice sweets cooked and fried in milk, with raisins and candied fruits.

In Italy these cakes are the most common ways to celebrate the father’s day, but inthe rest of the world it is not the same: for example, in France it is used to give a red rose to dad, in England you give flowers and chocolates, in Germany fathers are honored with a route on a cart with oxes through the streets of the city.

However, there is an habits that agrees all nations: to give a little present for dad; when we were children our dad was an hero and we wrote for him letters with rhymes dictated by teacher.

Now we are adults and we think that a greeting card will surely be a wonderful present but…why do not buy for him a real gift?

Below, a list of 5 small items that will surely make your father happy!

1. A book
If our dad loves reading, give him the new book of his favorite writer: he will please our attention to details!

2. A pic
A pic, yes: the image of your father and you, recent or of past few years. We can put it in a frame or print it on a mug or mouse pad. This gesture will remind him that we are always his beloved child.

3. A tie
It is the most classic gift, but it is always very welcome, especially if our father has more then 60 years and belongs to the man generation who never gives up a suit and a shirt.

4. A beauty treatment
If our dad is still young or he has a young look, he surely will appreciate a gift such as a set of hair care products, a massage, a day in a beauty farm (in the last case, please include mother in the gift, so we’ll make be both happy !).

5. Office set

If our father works in the office, we can give him a customized pen with his initials or a briefcase: so, during the meetings, he will have the best instruments;-).

So have you already thought about the gift for your dad ?!
Write it in the comments and share with us your ideas!

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