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Author Archives: Italian Beauty

Hair tutorial for Wedding parties

Summer is time of love and…wedding parties! Do you need some tips for your hair look? Read on to find out our ideas for you! This is the time of great parties, especially wedding parties: do you need some ideas
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First date: do and don’t

The FIRST DATE: are you stressed about it? Don’t care: we have some useful tips for you! Well, you have a date with the guy of your dreams. The most is done…or not? We know that YOU KNOW that there
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Hair communication: what do you say with your hair?

Hair is a symbol with many meanings and you can create your own to express yourself. “In Hollywood a girl’s virtue is much less important than her hairdo.” Have you ever heard this famous quote by Marylin Monroe? Isn’t it funny?!
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Tourism in Italy: favourite destinations and events for foreign tourists

Foreign people love our Italy: find out together what are their favourite destinations and the best events in these places! According to Trivago researches, one of the most famous booking services for holidays, foreign people love Italy and its attractions.
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The perfect swimsuit for each bodyshape

For each body shape exists the perfect swimsuit: find out together what is yours! When women wear a swimsuit they usually exaggerate their physical flaws. The truth is one: we are always beautiful, with curvs or not, but if you
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How to take care of you hair at sea: 10 effective tips

Hair tend to dry up if you go to sea or in swimming-pool: if you want to know how to protect your hair on summer, we’ll reveal you 10 important secrets! Sun’s rays, heat, salt, chlorine, sand, wind… so many
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The Perfume affair: history and curiosity

Do you love perfume and want to know its history? You are in the right place: read on to find out a lot of curiosities! Discover the perfect fragrance for own skin and personality is always satisfying: indeed the perfume,
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Shine hair: tips for bright hair

If you have dull and dry hair this is your post! Shampoo, creams, hair stylist treatments: you have tried everything but, anyway, your hair are dull, sad, not beautiful. If your question is how to shine hair, go on! Hair
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Baobab Extract

Baobab Extract The Baobab is a tropical plant of the Bombacaceae family and it is defined, by the African people, "The Magic Tree." It is a very enduring tree that can live until 500 years, although in some parts of
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