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Protection Hydrating Sun Lotion SPF 6

LOW PROTECTION SPF 6- 100% organic argan oil and walnut husk

A superb tan with total skin protection against damage from the sun and photo-ageing. A perfect synergy between:

• 100% organic argan oil: nourishing-regenerating

• plant extract of boswellia serrata: soothing-antioxidant

• UVA-UVB sun filters, broad spectrum photo-stable

• walnut husk to boost the protective effect

• plant oils and wax: softening- moisturizing

Water resistant.


Apply an abundant and even layer before going into the sun. Repeat frequently, especially after bathing or sweating. Avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours. Do not expose babies or small children to direct sunlight. Water repellent.

Ref. 6342 – 200 ml

Non disponibile
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For a perfectly tanned and protected skin.


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