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Mahogany red highlight mask – aubrun, chestnut and dark blonde hair

Mask for beauty colour, red hair – no ammonia

An instant highlight treatment, colour on colour, with a double Colour+Nourishment action. It brightens hair colour and highlights, using the last generation of ultra-pure colour pigments; it nourishes and strenghthens the hair fibre, mahing hair softer and easier to comb because of the Ceramide content. It does not contain ammonia.
Double colour and Nourishment action.


After shampooing, towel-dry your hair and apply a sachet spreadind it along the entire lenght of your hair.
Leave for 3 minutes to brighten your natural colour, 6 minutes for deeper and brighter highlights. Rinse well.

Ref. 6456 – 30 ml

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For dark hair.


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