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Hand Cream Sublime Nourishment

Nourishing hand cream – 100% Organic Certified Argan Oil

Hand cream fort the beauty of hands and nails, with 100% Organic Certified Argan Oil, Mallow and Camomile Extract.

Ideal to protect and enhance the beauty of your hands and nails. The Organic Argan Oil strengthens weak nails that tend to split, and hands look more beautiful and are swathed with a sweet fragrance.

Mallow Extract is effective against reddening and cracking caused by the cold, and Camomile leaves skin soft, smooth and velvety.

This cream nourishes and fights skin aging and helps strengthen nails and prevent them breaking.


Apply as needed during the day to protect your hands from external aggression.

Ref. 6309 – 75 ml

Non disponibile
argan oil concentrated nourishment oil

To protect hands during the year.


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