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In compliance with the obligations deriving from national and European Community legislation (in particular the European Regulation for the protection of personal data No. 679/2016, GDPR), this website respects and protects the privacy of its users.
This information applies only to the online activities of the website, and not to information collected by the website using different channels.
Its purpose is to provide maximum transparency regarding the data that the site collects, and the methods of collection and / or use.
By viewing and/or using this site, the user explicitly accepts this privacy statement and agrees to the processing of personal data in terms of the methods and purposes described below, including any disclosure to third parties if is it necessary for the provision of services.
Providing data and therefore, consent to the collection and processing of data, is optional, so users may refuse consent and also revoke at any time any consent that has already been given.However, refusing consent may make it impossible to provide certain services, and the experience while browsing the website could be compromised.

Personal data

This website collects the personal data provided by the user and/or automatically acquired through the devices when users use the services or register an account or otherwise provide data in a web form, update or add account information or provide data in some other way.
The provision of personal data is optional, but it may be necessary to make use of the services on offer.
The information collected can be the following:

  • identification data such as name, addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses provided when registering the account
  • data related to offers, purchases or sales, provided during a transaction, or other content generated by or related to the account;
  • financial data related to a transaction;
  • data related to shipping, invoicing and other data, used to purchase or ship an item, and shipping information;
  • in some cases, when the website services are being used, it is possible for the user to indicate age, sex, interests and preferences;
  • other data that the website is required or authorized to collect and process, in accordance with current legislation, in order to authenticate or identify the user and / or verify the information collected;
  • geolocation data, user IP, name of the Internet service provider, type of browser and information about the device used to connect to the site;
  • date and time of visit, country and web page of entry and exit.

Data controller

ITALIAN BEAUTY SPA – Viale Zileri 4, 36050 Monteviale (VI) – P.I. 03372140289
The data processing controller is responsible for the acquisition, use, transmission, storage and protection of personal data in accordance with global privacy standards, with the information given in this document and with current legislation.

E-mail address of the owner



The personal data collected is used to provide and improve the services of the website, to ensure its proper functioning, to provide the user with a personalized experience on the site, to contact the user about their account and about the services provided, and for customer service, as well as personalized advertising and marketing, and to detect, prevent, mitigate and ascertain fraudulent or illegal activities, to guarantee safety and compliance with current legislation, to information to third parties who perform functions necessary or instrumental to the operation of the service, to protect the interests of the user and / or to fulfill other obligations related to public interest.

Duration of data retention

The data received will be used exclusively for the provision of the services requested and only for the time necessary for the provision of such services.
Any information the user decides to make public through the services offered, is freely and voluntarily provided by him or her, and the site is exempt from any responsibility regarding possible violations of the law. It the responsibility of the user to verify that they have permission to enter personal data belonging to third parties or content that may be protected by national and international regulations.
The data collected by the site during its operation is used exclusively for the purposes indicated in this statement and it is retained only for the time period necessary to carry out the activities specified. In any case, the data collected from the site will never be shared with third parties for any reason, except in the case of a legitimate request made by a judicial authority, and only in the cases were it is required by law.

Access, control and correction of personal data

Pursuant to European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and to national regulations, users may, in accordance with the procedures, and within the limits established by current legislation, exercise the following rights:

  • to request confirmation and receive intelligible communication regarding the existence of personal data concerning the person in question (right of access) and to know the origin of such data;
  • to have information about the logic, the methods and the purposes of the processing;
  • to request the updating, rectification, integration, cancellation, transformation into anonymous form, or blocking of the data processed in violation of the law, including data that is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected;
  • in cases where processing is based on consent, to receive personal data and have it be provided in an intelligible form and in a format that is commonly used for electronic devices;
  • to file a complaint with the Control Authority;
  • and more generally, to exercise all the rights that are currently provided for in law.

Processing method

The controller must have appropriate security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction of personal data.
Data processing is carried out using IT and / or telematic tools, using organizational methods and logic strictly related to the purposes indicated. As well as the owner, other parties involved in the management of the site may, in some cases, have access to the data, as may external parties that might, when necessary, be nominated by the controller. An updated list of persons responsible for the data can always be requested from the data controller.

Specific information

In addition to the information contained in this statement, the website may, if the user so requests, provide him or her with additional and contextual information regarding specific services, or the collection and processing of personal data.
Further information in relation to the processing of personal data may be requested from the data controller at any time, using the contact details provided.

Changes to the information

The data controller reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time, informing the user by sending him or her a notification by means of the contact details held by the controller.

Transfer of personal data to other countries

The data provided will only be processed in Italy. If the data is processed in a non-EU state in the context of a contractual relationship, the rights granted by European community legislation will be guaranteed when notice of this has been given.

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